Celtic Symbols & Their Meanings

The Celtic Dog, as well as ravens and dolphins, are a representation of Nehalannia, the Celtic goddesss who protects travellers during their life and afterlife. Dogs and ravens protect land travellers and dolphins protect seafarers.

"The harp that once through Tara's Halls the soul of music shed", so wrote Thomas Moore. Music, laughter and vow and then a tear have always been part of the Irish scene. Brian Boru's harp is now treasured in Trinity College, Dublin. Harps that date to the mists of antiquity are treasured in the National Museum.

The celtic dragon is the guardian of treasures. The Celtic dragon is also traditionally associated with military matters. It stands for armed forces and sometimes even a becomes a hero.

Since the coming of St. Patrick to Ireland in 432 A.D., the Shamrock has been the symbol of its Christianity. Three leaves on one plant - three persons in one God. Wherever the sons and daughters of Ireland travelled, this beloved emblem of their belief went with them.

The cross is a universal symbol from ancient times, and like the sacred tree and standing stone, it represents to the Celts the union of celestial and earthly forces. The axis of the cross indicates infinite spiritual expansion in all directions and the inner circle symbolizes the unity and consolidation of these powers into a central point, a source of spiritual energy.

The envy of today's Irish beauties, this is a copy of the world renowned Tara Brooch made in Ireland about 700 A.D. Archaeologists from many countries have examined the original in the National Museum, Dublin and have acclaimed it one of the most exquisite examples of early European art.

Knotwork patterns symbolize life's journey through the "maze of existence". Life is a spiritual quest, and the knotwork represents a pathway to the sacred and divine source. Life is also continual, just as the knotwork is: no beginning and no end.

The story of the Claddagh is indeed unique. The people of Claddagh came from a small fishing village outside of Galway on the West Coast of Ireland. Story has it that when your heart is spoken for, you wear the ring with the heart pointed in towards your heart and so the heart is protected with the hands and crown. When your heart is free you wear the ring with the heart pointed out. The story of love, friendship and loyalty distinguishes tthe Claddagh from all others. Your Claddagh jewellery has been made with pride and care. We also specialize in hand engraved family crests and custom orders and we have a large selection of Celtic jewellery.

The national emblem of Scotland, one thistle is said to have saved an entire Scottish army. A thousand years ago, during the Vikings invasion of Scotland, an advancing enemy warrior stepped on a thistle and cried out in pain inadvertently waking the sleeping Scotsmen. Scottish King Kenneth III was so grateful that he adopted the thistle as his nation's emblem.