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Fancy Knot Necklace with Stone


This necklace is set with a genuine emerald, ruby or sapphire. If you are interested in a differ..

Albert Claddagh Fob Necklace


Each link on this necklace is finished and assembled by hand. It is pictured in rose gold but is ava..

Triangular Knot Necklace


This necklace ismade with an 18" chain but is available in longer or shorter lengths (please enquire..

Emerald Claddagh Necklace


This item is set with a genuine emerald, although you may substitute a ruby or sapphire. Please cont..

Round Spiral Trilogy Necklace


Although pictured in silver, this is also available in yellow or white gold. It is made with an 18" ..

Light Y Chain


This necklace is made with an 18" chain, but it can be made longer or shorter. Pictured is a Celtic ..

Full Trilogy Necklace


Gold 10 Karat - CALL FOR PRICE Gold 14 Karat - CALL FOR PRICE (please note: all prices a..

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